Datagain help – Application of reporting techniques

Our Datagain users will be familiar with the technique we use to generate monthly reports. We save all the graphs for our report into a single category in Datagain which we then bulk export using the Export Saved Graphs function. The graphs containing the latest data are then linked into a report that we update every month.

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  • Website

    Consider if we exported our report graphs to a folder that formed part of a website. Rather than linking into a report, those pictures could then be published to a web page and our global sales team could see the latest price of a commodity, as well as its historical trend, on their smartphones anywhere in the world without direct access to Datagain.

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  • Slideshows

    Another application of the reporting technique is if we wanted a rolling PowerPoint show in our office or company reception area demonstrating the latest commodity prices, ensuring your entire team are informed on the most up-to-date price movements.

    We could use the inbuilt Autoshow in Datagain, but, if we wanted PowerPoint’s features like fades and wipes, the reporting technique is ideal. We export the updated pictures, linking them into a PowerPoint presentation where we can create a rolling screen show with the latest data from Datagain.

    If you would like documents describing these applications in more detail please contact If you would like to practice these techniques they will be included in the public Practical Uses of Datagain course on Wednesday 30 March 2016 at Mintec’s HQ. Further details are on our web site.

John Mardon – Training Manager