Data Direct 

Commodity price data, delivered directly to your company’s systems.

Data Direct 

Commodity price data, delivered directly to your company’s systems.


Accurate and consistent data, seamlessly integrated
into your workflows and business processes.


Integrate the latest, most comprehensive and trusted pricing data with your proprietary data, internal
systems and business processes to advance your business insight and turn common procurement
challenges into tangible commercial opportunities.



Categories we cover

beverages Chemicals Pig money jar lorry Fish Food Forest Fruit Grain Industrial Meat Metal Oils Plastic Vegetables, pulses and derivatives
Drive Business-1

Drive Business

Enhance your proprietary data with the latest market price data to generate valuable business insights that help you identify new opportunities and better manage both costs and risks.

Boost Platforms-1

Boost Platforms 

Get more out of your procurement, analytics and supply chain management systems with direct feeds of the latest price data to help optimize processes and increase internal efficiencies.

Leverage Technology

Leverage Technology 

Cater to changing business needs and reduce data-related complexities with dynamic, API-powered processes that allow you to leverage the latest technologies - and accelerate internal and external innovation.

Data in the format that works best for you.



API’s enable the secure transfer of data between predefined applications. The transmitted data can, in turn, be embedded within both proprietary & 3rd party systems or applications. API’s allow data sets to be easily integrated and updated across existing datasets, custom models & systems.

Excel Add-ons


Our Excel Add-ons empower users to access and query large volumes of data centrally, facilitating updates and sharing across local spreadsheets and pre-built models. Excel Add-ons drastically simplify data interrogation, without the need to export files or query external sources.



Powerful feeds of data to fuel your insights.



Remove human error, save time and increase efficiency with automated data transfers and dynamic data updates.



Aggregate and integrate data with your existing systems, data sets and models more easily for deeper insights and a more efficient workflow.



Respond to changing business, user and system needs more readily - plus benefit from enhanced collaboration and sharing capabilities.


Price data on demand.

Price data, directly on your proprietary systems. 

Download - price data on demand