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Mintec is the world’s leading alternative data provider for food ingredients, raw materials and commodity pricing

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Differentiate your strategy

Differentiate your strategy

Unique commodity price data for unparalleled insights into consumer staples and discretionary spending within the food and beverage, and CPG sectors.

More granular insight

More granular insight

The breath and depth of our commodity market data can be crucial to help you find your next investment opportunity.

Innovate for the alpha-metric

Innovate for the alpha-metric

Our extensive proprietary and 3rd party alternative data is a reliable consistent source for investment indicators.

optimise your workflow

Optimise your workflows

Integrating our alternative data with your traditional sources can help optimise your portfolios and increase returns.


Model key product costs

Use Mintec’s cost modelling function to model a company’s key branded products to identify possible margin impacts

Alternative perspectives require alternative data

Traditional market data2

Traditional market data is widely available, which reduces its ability to offer unique value to hedge funds.

This lack of exclusivity has encouraged hedge funds and the broader investment world to search for new methods to identify investment indicators, the so-called alpha metric.

Alternative data has become the primary source for creating this alpha metric. Unlike conventional sources, such as earnings reports and macroeconomic data, alternative data come from outside the traditional financial sector. Its collection is more stand-alone, and its purpose more closely aligned with specific industry needs.

Often, it is this specific nature which makes the data so unique and rich with insight and untapped opportunity. These qualities make it ideal for hedge funds looking to identify more unique investment ideas.

“The challenge for analysts lies in accurately predicting how changes in quarterly earnings will impact a company's share price. Having leading indicators that track fluctuations in direct costs for individual organizations is crucial.”


Why choose Mintec


The breadth and depth of Mintec’s market data enables investment managers to analyse and compare the impact of changing raw material prices on an organisations costs to identify investment opportunities. Spencer Wicks, CEO


Global analysis leaders


A complete solution


A total view of the market



Maximising the potential by delivering data-driven insight


Price data on exchange-traded commodities is just the tip of the iceberg.

Hard to find data on non exchange-traded commodities often represents your companies biggest spend.

Mintec brings you transparency with independent insight into more than 650 Commodity types. Mintec helps you to integrate commodity price data across your organisation faster and easier, saving you time and effort.

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The role of Mintec - providing alternative data.

Mintec has been collecting food and raw material price data for over 30 years, which has enabled the multi-trillion-dollar global food sector to manage their costs through the commodities, ingredients and direct inputs they buy.

This alternative data covers more than 10,000 unique and specific price series across the major, niche and emerging food ingredients. Mintec publishes these price data points frequently using robust quality control processes to ensure consistency and conform to agreed data standards. These standards enable procurement teams within global brands to make purchasing decisions, drive efficiency and mitigate risks to their business.

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The Benefits of Mintec

Mintec believes that although price information is widely available for exchange-traded commodities, many of the critical inputs to food products are from non-exchange traded ingredients. Which make understanding their real price opaque.

The insight developed from these less visible prices provides evidence of supply and demand trends and suggest the direction for future commodity purchases. They also help to influence new product development and inform significant investment decisions.

Understanding future profitability is an essential component of any investment decision. Access to Mintec data reveals changing price trends affecting a company’s direct food costs. A robust leading indicator with regards to the future profitability of any business.

This rich data source provides hedge funds and investors an unprecedented level of price granularity for the food and beverage sector. While the breadth of coverage enables comparisons, dependencies and trends to be isolated.


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