Forecasting & Hedging


Control your exposure to price risk

The service delivers future price predictions and hedging recommendations by identifying key turning points and commodity trends.

Animal Products | Currencies & Freight | Energy | Grains & Oilseeds | Metals | Plastics | Softs | Steel


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Commodity Forecasting & Hedging Price Risk Exposure

A sophisticated and proven forecasting methodology that has delivered results to clients for over 15 Years. As a result, overall organisational performance is transformed, delivering sustainable organisational excellence and procurement cost savings.


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Hedging Recommendations

Give buying teams better purchase options by advising them of the best time to hedge with clear explanations for each of four options

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Optimize Purchase Timing

Forecasts improve the timing of purchases to reduce material costs and price risk

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Predict Profitability

Enhance budget planning and deliver higher-quality updates to key stakeholders

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Increase Negotiating Power

Shared market knowledge with a reduced dependence on suppliers’ information

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600+ Price Forecasts

Manage risk exposure & develop buying strategies for essential energy, agri-food & commodity raw materials.



Coverage of 600+ Commodities

  • Animal Products

  • Currencies & Freight

  • Energy

  • Grains & Oilseeds

  • Metals

  • Plastics

  • Softs

  • Steel


Algorithmic Forecasts

Mintec’s Algorithmic Price Forecasts are calculated based on a robust methodology that applies advanced statistical analysis to leverage Core Forecasts to generate price predictions.

Our algorithmic forecasts cover a wide range of commodities, including but not limited to:

Agricultural Products, Metals & Minerals, Energy & Transport, Soft Commodities, Processed Foods and Packaging & Textiles.




A Unique and Effective Methodology

The price forecasts are delivered by a team of leading commodity analysts using a proprietary combination of fundamental, statistical and technical analysis. All our forecasting results are transparent. We show a record of all our price forecasts and hedging recommendations so you can compare them to reality. No other provider does this.


Fully Integrated Procurement & Risk Tool

  • Alerts for changes to forecasts and hedging recommendations

  • Commentaries explaining fundamental and technical analysis

  • Dashboards that include forecast and hedging recommendations

  • API enabled to optimise integration

  • Commodity Forecasting advice, price forecast webinars & price forecast videos help to reduce exposure to price risk

Macro Economic Forecasts

Understand key procurement performance indicators. Our Macro Economic Forecasts are distinct from other commodity analysis because they use a range of indicators, including GDP and CPI, from key regions to forecast the global economy, demonstrating the strong relationship between global manufacturing activity and commodity price movements.


Hedging: Act Decisively

  • Avoid: Prices at the top or a confirmed downtrend means hedging is not recommended

  • Plan: Anticipated uptrend. Need to plan for a future recommendation to hedge

  • Partial: Recommendation to hedge only part of the total volume due to possible “fake signals”

  • Full: A confirmed buy signal validating an uptrend suggests the need to hedge

Cost Model Forecasts

Unlocking Profit Potential through Precision in Price

Mintec’s Cost Model Forecasts empower businesses to predict how raw material price changes are impacting individual products and affect profitability, and competitiveness.

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With Mintec, we have all the relevant information that we need to analyse the behaviour of the main commodities that affect our business.

  Atlantic Grupa

Mintec helped align procurement across the company, by standardizing market analyses and commodity risk monitoring.


Husqvarna Group has a huge raw material exposure. Today each of our commodity managers use this tool to present monthly recommendations to a raw material council in our Group. Now we base our decisions on facts through market trends and chart analyses rather than feelings. The service has helped us significantly to utilize market opportunities and avoid risk.