• Mintec’s Story

    At Mintec we believe that data science can transform the procurement of the food we all eat. Big data is a big idea, so we are helping organisations to take advantage of analytics and preparing them for a future of value creation unique to their business and processes.

    Since we were founded in the 80s, we have helped pave the way for supply analytics and continued to develop innovative solutions supported by our industry leading global FMCG data aggregation and analytics applications.

    But we’re so much more than a data and software company.

    We are passionate about working in partnership with food companies. Our team of world-class data scientists, consultants and food procurement experts provide the market insight and data analytics our clients need to strategically drive decision-making, negotiations, risk management and performance benchmarking. Our mission is to enable our clients to realise their next generation of procurement cost savings.

    To achieve our vision we’ve built a diverse company drawn from a wide-range of cultures so we’re well able to support our clients in over 60 countries. Our team is the driving force behind our 96% client retention rate and the reason why hundreds of the world’s most renowned food brands rely on Mintec.

  • Executive

  • Shan Shanthakumar
    Operations Director

  • Tony Pauley
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Sebastian Vaughan
    Commercial Director

  • Nick Peksa
    Opportunities Director

  • Wendy Thomas
    Head of HR


  • We believe that great problem-solving, technology and services are created by great people with different perspectives and ideas coming together to relentlessly deliver tangible value to our clients.

    But, fundamental to our code of ethics is our balance of challenging, and oftentimes hard, work with fun and family.

    We passionately cultivate a culture of doing, consistently reward results and invest in our people. From a great working environment to our commitment to career growth, we believe that our employees are the key to our success.

    • We are actively recruiting (Please come back soon, as more jobs will be posted)
    • We are actively recruiting (Please come back soon, as more jobs will be posted)

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  • Our experienced account management and consultancy team will help you identify, frame, execute support and evaluate your supply analytics activities. Our dedicated team will remain your partner every step of the way.

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