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Mintec has an experienced data driven Intelligence team with strong research skills and knowledge across a wide range of markets. We will bring you top stories covering categories such as Dairy, Nuts, Grains, Meat and much more.

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Israel-Iran tensions prop up crude oil prices

With explosions heard during the night of 19th April, Iranian state...

Positive bloom conditions and increased availability weigh on US almond pricing

US almond prices fell last week with prices for standards moving...

Rising Trade Tensions: European Farmers Rally Against Ukrainian Imports

Over the past few weeks, farmers across Europe have initiated protests

European farmers' protests: making noise with low supply chain impact

Over the past few weeks, farmers across Europe are staging protests,...

Almond prices hit 8-month high on strong December shipments

Prices firmed in the US almond markets following a strong shipping...

Red Sea attacks start to impact commodity prices

The US and the UK are engaged in military action against Houthi...

Will the Global Economy Face a Recession in 2024?

Data and insights have been...

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