Extension of import ban considered on Ukrainian agricultural products to Poland

September 14, 2023

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In a recent announcement and a follow-up to a story published by Mintec here, Polish Minister Robert Telus highlighted the necessity of extending the ban on imports of key agricultural products from Ukraine to Poland after 15th September 2023. The ban, which currently covers wheat, maize, rapeseed, and sunflower seeds, has come under scrutiny due to the rising volume of Ukrainian agricultural products in transit.

Minister Telus once again emphasised the need to balance support for Ukraine with protecting the Polish market from potential adverse effects of the supposed flooding of Ukrainian products into Poland, lowering prices on the domestic market to such levels Polish producers are allegedly unable to compete. While expressing readiness to provide further assistance to Ukraine in various fields, he underlined the importance of safeguarding Poland's economic interests.

Solidarity Lanes for Agricultural Transit


Minister Telus also shed light on Poland's active participation in EU discussions regarding the transit of agricultural products from Ukraine through what is being referred to as ‘solidarity lanes’.

According to the Minister, these solidarity lanes are envisioned as vital infrastructure for facilitating the export of Ukrainian agricultural products beyond the EU's borders to countries where they are in demand. This initiative aims to bolster Ukraine's agricultural trade and international market access.

In addition to discussing the solidarity lanes, Minister Telus underscored the necessity of expanding cereal storage capacities and enhancing railway infrastructure. He called upon the US to consider involvement in projects aimed at achieving these objectives, emphasising the importance of international collaboration in bolstering Ukraine's agricultural sector.

As the situation develops, the extension of the import ban and the establishment of solidarity lanes will continue to shape the landscape of agricultural trade in the region. Mintec will continue to update this story as more details unfold.

Kyle Holland
Kyle Holland

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