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Mintec Analytics provides commodity price data on over 17,000 series, 500+ forecasts, and expert market analysis. Considered the ultimate market intelligence tool for leaders in the agri-food, industrial, and financial markets, see for yourself how benchmark pricing data offers you a competitive edge request more information today!

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What is Mintec Analytics?

Mintec Analytics provides commodity price data, forecasts, and market intelligence to help make informed decisions that increase profitability, reduce risk, and drive efficiency. Whether you're a procurement professional, market analyst, or investor, our unique data and tools are all you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Trusted By Industry Leaders

The Mintec Forecast Service delivers comprehensive analysis and clear hedging recommendations that enables our company to make data-driven decisions.
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Danijel Banek
Executive Director Central Purchasing
Because Mintec is respected in the industry, we can use their data to inform conversations with suppliers, sales teams and customers.
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Charlie Burton
Strategic Merchandising & Pricing Director
Mintec provided the data, insight, forecasting that delivered accurate reliable and repeatable results that revolutionised the way the business conducted planning and responded to change.
Photograph of Anders Søndergaard
Anders Søndergaard
Head of Global Strategic Procurement

Mintec Analytics


Price Clarity

Strengthen your negotiating power with suppliers by leveraging our commodity price data (now available on over 17,000 series)

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500+ Forecasts

Mitigate risk while navigating the impact of market volatility with our trusted commodity price forecasts

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Market Analysis

Receive regular insights and reports from industry experts detailing the current cost drivers in the market

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Cost Models

Visualize the breakdown of your product costs