WPTC European tomato production update

November 2, 2023

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As the 2023 processing tomato season draws to a close, the World Processing Tomato Council (WPTC) characterised the season as a challenging year marked by adverse weather conditions. Among major European producers, Italy experienced what was described as a “strange and long season.” In October, 15 factories in northern Italy were still in operation, which is considered unusually late. Yields across Italy exhibited sporadic patterns, with some growers reporting significantly high yields while others had considerably lower yields. According to the WPTC, although the final total volume is not yet confirmed, it is expected to range between 5.35 and 5.4 million tonnes.

In Spain, September rains had an impact on yields, and the WPTC anticipates the final volume to be approximately 2.6 million tonnes. In Andalusia, water scarcity and high temperatures also adversely affected total production.

Greece had been on track to achieve near-record-high production; however, floods in September resulted in a 15% loss in total production. The final crop was estimated at 390,000 tonnes, marking an 11% reduction from preliminary forecasts.

In France, total production is estimated to be around 160,000 tonnes, aligning with the WPTC's initial forecast. Similarly, Turkey's production stood at 2.7 million tonnes, in accordance with the WPTC's preliminary projections. 


Harry Campbell
Harry Campbell

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