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Webinar: What Impacts are Changes Within Stock Levels and Weather having on Coffee Prices?

July 12, 2022

2 mins read

Coffee stocks are incredibly low right now – the lowest they have been for over 20 years. Shortfalls in global production and a lack of available supply have led to dwindling stocks as roasters look to secure physical supply.

With the potential for coffee stocks to reach zero in the coming weeks, it has never been more important for traders to familiarise themselves with what is happening in the coffee market so they can plan their buying/selling strategies as best as they possibly can.

Mintec are hosting a free webinar on 25
th August which will cover:

Impact of the weather in Brazil’s growing regions
The effects of global stock inventories on coffee demand
Roaster coverage and speculative positions on the exchange

Macroeconomic factors such as USDBRL

Upcoming Brazilian Presidential election

Join Mintec’s Price Reporting Manager, Andrew Moriarty, on 25
th August for a breakdown of the key factors that are currently driving coffee prices, the expectations for future crops, and where industry participants think that prices are likely to go.

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