Weekly Price Trends In The Feed Additives Commodity Market

May 1, 2024

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Weekly Animal Nutrition Round Up

May 1 2024


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  • - Chinese vitamin manufacturer Zhejiang Medicine Co announced that a minor explosion occurred at its carotenoid intermediate production workshop on 28 April
  • - Most Chinese vitamin A and E producers stopped offering publicly following news of the ZMC incident
  • - Vitamin B3 prices firmed due to rising prices for beta-picoline – a key raw material – as farm demand for herbicide was weak, which caused a shortage of 3-cyanopyrdine
  • - Lysine HCl export prices were down amid low enquiries, although supply was tight



  • - Methionine prices continued to weaken on good market coverage

    - Tryptophan prices eased down; supply was still tight but Q2 coverage was sufficient

    - Vitamin E 50% spot prices are at their highest level so far this year across all regions as sources report scarcity of material

North America

  • - Truckloads of methionine were indicated higher at $2.95-3.00/kg, up from $2.90-2.95/kg
  • - Importers are braced for a surge in ocean freight costs, prompting re-evaluations of shipping strategy; traders suggested that some shipments might be delayed or cancelled
  • - Vitamin E offers increased to $9.15-9.45/kg, but there were no confirmed deals at this level
  • - North American buyers are adopting a ‘wait-and-see’ stance on amino acids and vitamins amid market caution

South America

  • - Methionine narrowed to $3.00-3.10/kg last week as the market cooled after Sumitomo announced its exit from Latin America earlier in the month
  • - Offers on tryptophan were volatile due to cheaper local material competing with importers and resellers
  • - Vitamin E prices were assessed up amid consistently higher offers from producers; flat demand prevented any significant impact on prices
  • - Increased import volumes of chemicals and cars increased freight rates and lengthened transit times from China to Brazil by up to 90 days 


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Mintec Team
Mintec Team

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