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Webinar: What impact has recent volatility had on dairy prices and what is next for the market?

September 28, 2022

1 mins read

The dairy market has become challenging for everyone in the industry. Large rises for input costs have been causing some serious problems. The European milk intake has been well below expectations for a number of months now. The low intakes have caused many dairy shortages throughout the industry. Stock levels for key commodities like butter, skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder and cheese are at very short levels which has caused prices to rise.

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Many dairy prices have recently reached all-time highs but now there have been signs of potential corrections. Milk intake volumes have still been below industry expectations though and this will continue to drive high levels of price volatility in the markets, having an impact on anyone who trades these products.

Mintec's Pricing Analyst, Sandro Schulz will address these issues and what the impacts will mean for industry participants in a free webinar on 26th October at 3pm UK time. The agenda will include butter, cheese and dairy powders. Sandro will detail current market dynamics and price trends, and provide a look ahead at potential price trends based on industry sentiment.

With markets continuing to experience high levels of volatility due to supply tightness and robust demand, it is important for dairy market participants to be familiar with what this will mean for them and how they can leverage Mintec's offer to navigate the uncertainty.


Topics: Dairy & Eggs

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