Webinar: Evaluating the Impacts of Rising Energy Costs on Meat and Grain Prices

September 21, 2022

1 mins read

High input costs, particularly energy, have considerably impacted the meat and grain markets. This webinar will highlight the nominal price movements in these markets due to these high costs. It will underline the supply and demand responses to the latest market drivers and the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Main topics:
• M-o-M price developments from August 2022 to September 2022
• Y-o-Y price developments from September 2021 to September 2022
• The impact of the most recent drivers on meat and grain prices

Join Analysts, Zanna Aleksahhina and Rutika Ghodekar from Mintec, who will provide insights allowing procurement professionals to stay ahead of market trends and dynamics during these uncertain times. Thus, providing the opportunity to plan and negotiate the best prices using timely data and information.

After Mintecs' presentation, partnered company Sievo will present how organizations should start managing and mitigating inflation risks, fluctuating prices, and uncertainty. Sievo's expert will provide insights on data foundation linking your data to external market information, efficient and agile processes to respond to market movements quickly, and team skills and data-driven decision making.

Key insights:
• How can organizations facilitate a healthy discussion with their suppliers during inflationary times?
• What should organizations internally plan for their direct material sourcing?
• What data is relevant for organizations, and how can Analytics Solution help?

Join this webinar to see Sievo's concrete demonstrations of pricing structures, exposure analysis, market-based value engineering, and future price predictions and management.



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