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Mintec has an experienced data driven Intelligence team with strong research skills and knowledge across a wide range of markets. We will bring you top stories covering categories such as Dairy, Nuts, Grains, Meat and much more.

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European milk prices find support from stronger exports

  The average price of Mintec NW European milk rose by 3% between 30...

UK SMP trade surplus continues to grow

  The average price of Mintec UK Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) rose by 2%...

EU imposes $4 billion in tariffs on US goods – what does this mean for dairy?

  On 10th November 2020, the European Commission imposed tariffs on a...

New Zealand milk production lifts in September-October 2020

New Zealand milk prices fell by 3% in the four-week period ending 28th

Coronavirus pandemic expected to weigh on US dairy markets into 2021

US milk prices fell by 18% to USD 335/MT in the four-week period...

Strong milk production continues for EU-27 countries

  The Mintec price of EU milk declined by 2% to EUR 460/MT in the...

EU and US lead global milk supply growth

  US milk prices fell by 18% to USD 335/MT in the two-week period...

Update: EU and US Egg Market - September 2020

The average price of EU eggs in April-Sep ‘20 decreased by 7% against...

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