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Webinar: Finding transparency within the meat markets

November 16, 2022

2 mins read

Droughts in the US have impacted meat prices particularly in recent months. The result of this has meant that supply has fallen, which has contributed to rising beef prices. The droughts have resulted in early slaughters due to poor feed quality meaning there is less meat on each cow, so supply is lower.

The demand for pork has fallen due to consumers seeking cheaper alternatives. European farmers are still over producing on pork so have been relying on international exportation to China for their trade. China don’t need to import as much pork now which has left a huge oversupply of pork in Europe, strongly impacting the global market.

1) Why US beef prices have been rising
2) How the production shortages has led to a increase in beef imports
3) How the current slaughtering of breeding cows will impact 2023 production in the US
4) What the Europeans’ overproduction in pork will mean for US and global traders
5) How the rise in the US dollar has impacted global meat trading
6) Are the markets likely to be impacted by these things in 2023?

This webinar will provide valuable information to stay ahead of the curve when planning purchases. Attendees will be able to find the best ways they can control costs, minimize risk and avoid mistakes for the year ahead. There will also be a chance for a live Q&A with the presenters. Read more and register here.


Rutika New Rutika Ghodekar - Senior Market Analyst - Mintec 

Sandro NewSandro Schulz- Dairy & Pork Analyst - Mintec


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Topics: Meat & poultry

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