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Mintec has an experienced data driven Intelligence team with strong research skills and knowledge across a wide range of markets. We will bring you top stories covering categories such as Dairy, Nuts, Grains, Meat and much more.

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Jose Saiz

Jose Saiz

Recent Posts

Butter prices are set to maintain elevated through the first half of 2021

The average European butter price skyrocketed by 28% in the fourth...

A surge in New Zealand dairy prices during Q4 2021

New Zealand dairy commodities surged during Q4 2021. The average...

US dairy exports’ growth prevailed in October

In October, the US milk solid equivalents exports stood at almost...

Significant US butter price increase expected ahead of festive period

US butter prices have remained firm in the run-up to Christmas. The...

UK fresh milk prices surged on the back of tightening supplies

The Mintec Benchmark prices (MBPs) for UK fresh milk were last...

EU Dairy Mintec Category Index continues an upward trend in October

The Mintec Category Index (MCI) for EU dairy has maintained an upward...

Webinar: Evaluating the Price Movements of Global Food Commodities

Join Mintec analysts Jose Saiz, Jara Zicha, and Zanna Aleksahhina,...

US butter prices remained firm in October 2021

US butter prices remained firm in October. The October average price...

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