Webinar: Strategic Planning for 2024 Managing Input Costs to Maximize Profitability

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Posted by Mintec Team on November 6, 2023

With multiple market disruptors threatening to wreak havoc on an already volatile commodity market, what can companies do to remain competitive? Join an expert panel of Urner Barry's and Mintec's industry analysts to discuss strategic ways to evaluate input costs (including some you may not have considered) and how they can be leveraged to potentially increase your overall profit margins.

Industry Experts you will be hearing from during this training:

•    Gary Morrison – VP Market Reporter (speaking on beef and seafood markets)
•    Russ Whitman – Senior Vice President Market Reporter (speaking on chicken and turkey markets)
•  Tom Bundgaard – Chief Forecasting Analyst (providing projections on paper packaging, energy, and transportation)
•    Kyle Holland – Price Reporting Analyst (speaking on oilseeds, vegetable oils, and grain market)

Please note that a replay will be available for registrants 24 hours after the webinar, even if you cannot attend this live then it is important to register so you have access to the replay. Registrants will receive a link to watch the replay via email.

Topics: Grains & Feed, Meat & poultry, Procurement

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