Webinar: Glass - Crystal Clear Insights For Container Glass

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Posted by Mintec Team on November 7, 2023

How do manufacturers navigate and take stock of the container glass market to make the most of what the future holds​?

Sourcing container glass - as simple as you'd think? In the past, many companies wouldn't have given too much consideration to sourcing glass.  Prices were stable and give-or-take, supply was too. It was never the bottle or the jar that got the attention; rather the contents inside. But how things can change! The energy crisis and war in Ukraine turned the glass market upside down. Prices skyrocketed and supply was squeezed. Even if prices have eased back to a degree, world volatility continues.  So, what's next for glass? 

This webinar aims to take stock of the glass market and sentiments of what the future holds. We'll review the:

•    Cost model and drivers for glass production

•    Potential impact of further fluctuations in the energy markets and key raw materials
•    Supply & demand dynamics
•    Trends in food & drinks products using glass packaging - approaches for how to procure glass


•    Simon Frost - Founder of Frost Procurement Adventurer Ltd
•    Bill Hovis - ex CPO Coca Cola
•    Mark Comline - Senior Category Director Group Direct Materials
•    Bettina Heuter - Marketing Director Glass Global

Please note that a replay will be available for registrants 24 hours after the webinar, even if you cannot attend this live then it is important to register so you have access to the replay. Registrants will receive a link to watch the replay via email.

Topics: Commodities, Procurement, Industrial Materials

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