Forecasting Webinar - Decoding PMI/GDP for Smart Commodity Price Prediction

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Posted by Tom Bundgaard on March 1, 2024


The upward trend in PMI, rising from 49 to 50 in February, suggests a new market direction, with potential upward pressure on commodity prices.  


In this brand-new webinar, we analyze the robust increase observed in the Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) and explore its profound implications for the forthcoming GDP development.  

The question now is whether this uptrend will persist?   

Join Mintec’s VP of Forecasting to delve into the intricacies of PMI and its profound impact on commodity markets.  

Key Topics:

•  Technical Analysis - MACD crossing above the signal line. 
•  Fundamental View- Europe and US is splitting apart
• Price Impact - PMI increase likely to drive commodity prices upward. 

• Tom Bundgaard, VP of Forecasting, Mintec 
Release date:

While this recorded webinar is currently available in the Mintec platform for customers only, you have the opportunity to access this exclusive content on March 14th


Topics: Commodities, Price Data, Economics, Forecasting

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