Base Metals: Threats, Opportunities and Price Impact

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Posted by Mintec Team on March 22, 2024


Join us for our upcoming webinar, "Base Metals: Threats, Opportunities and Price Impact" on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2024 @ 2:00 PM GMT / 9:00 AM EST.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to gain crucial insights into:

• Current trends in base metal consuming industries as the main fundamental driver of prices. Will trends change in 2024?
• Threats posed by global supply chain disruptions, potential production slowdowns, and the ever-evolving geopolitical landscape on the base metals market in 2024.
• How broader economic trends like inflation, interest rates, and potential recessions might influence base metal consumption across key sectors.
• The current price volatility of base metals. Is this a temporary blip, or are we witnessing a fundamental shift in the market?

Meet our speakers:
Artem Segen, Industrial Analyst (Steel, Base Metals, Packaging Materials)
Andrew Woods, Industrial and Macroeconomic Analyst (Macroeconomics, Energy, Packaging Materials)

Register now and secure your spot for this insightful session and stay ahead in the ever-evolving base metals landscape.

Topics: Industrial Materials, Metals & Ores

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