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Plant-based proteins

Soya Protein

Soya is just one option from a wide variety of plant-based protein sources. Mintec assesses plant-based proteins across different soya markets for concentrates and isolates.


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Why is Mintec pricing plant-based proteins including soya?

Mintec Benchmark Prices bring a level of transparency to the plant-based protein markets, valued at over $2 billion, through its 35 years of experience in the food pricing industry and highly experienced team of analysts and pricing specialists.

Mintec proprietary prices provide the maximum granularity into these new ingredient costs. We assess protein prices for textured and non-textured isolates and concentrates. These plant-based proteins outputs are essential ingredients in many vegan products.





Soya protein iso exw US (MBP) 

January 2021
Series Code Price per kg
SIA1 $5.42




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How data-driven insight into to meat alternative ingredients is helping sales, operations & procurement teams across the F&B sector.

Price Methodology & Specifications

Mintec collects and curates price information following robust principles and parameters to ensure accuracy and consistency.