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Including Organic & Fairtrade

Mintec assesses a broad range of coffee differentials, including organic and Fairtrade across different producer markets for Robusta and Arabic.


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Why do Mintec Benchmark Prices include Organic and Fairtrade Coffee?

Mintec Benchmark Prices bring a level of transparency to organic and Fairtrade coffee prices in a global coffee market, valued at over $13 billion, through its 35 years of experience in the food pricing industry and highly experienced team of analysts and pricing specialists.





Coffee Arabica FT FOB ET (MBP)

March 2021
Series Code Price Kg
KC04 $0.43




Download our guide to coffee differentials

Mintec covers a broad range of price differentials for Robusta and Arabica coffee, including more than 12 organic and Fairtrade grades.

Mintec Benchmark Prices

Market representative and unique prices to be used in your supplier contracts,  providing the maximum granularity into your costs.