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Webinar: Plant Based Proteins - The Growing Trend

In this exclusive webinar Mintec analysts provide in-depth analysis of the growing market for plant based proteins and how consumer trends are driving production of protein alternatives. This deep-dive is led by Mintec analysts Jara Zicha, Rutika Ghodekar and Alana Barros.

This is an essential webinar for procurement professionals looking to anticipate price volatility and mitigate price-related risk across protein markets.

In just 20 minutes we cover:

Consumer Trends: Health awareness and environmental concerns shift.

Market Updates: How have Soyabean and Beef been affected by the rise of plant based proteins?

Case Studies: Our analysts look at peas and lentils, how they are being added to new products and what the price implications are

Snacking Habits: Plant based snacks and the impact on the nut industry.