Mintec Training

Our expert training team offer a range of Datagain and purchasing courses to ensure your procurement practices are as effective as possible.

Mintec has combined its thirty years of experience in the provision of market insight, with its commodity expertise, in order to provide a set of comprehensive training courses.

These programs are aimed at supporting and enhancing clients’ purchasing knowledge.

Mintec Training offers a range of courses intended for Datagain subscribers, as well as specialist procurement courses that have been designed specifically for purchasing professionals.

Datagain courses

For Datagain subscribers, our expert training team offer a range of training courses that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

The purpose of our courses is to help you become more proficient in using Datagain,  by ensuring you can use all of the system’s functionality to your best advantage.

Datagain e-learning tutorials

In support of these courses we also offer online help which includes our e-learning tutorials focused on the content of the introductory course.

The Technical e-learning tutorials explore the technical menu in the Practical uses of Datagain course.

Mintec e-learning tutorials

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Mintec technical e-learning tutorials

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Free Datagain webinars

As part of our expanding training portfolio, Mintec is also very pleased to offer all Datagain subscribers free access to monthly webinar sessions.

These will be based on a variety of topics each designed to assist Datagain users with specific functions.

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