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Webinar Replay: Mintec Tropical Oils & Sunflower Market Update

July 29, 2021

1 mins read

    • Prices are exceedingly volatile right now, with oncoming harvests, weather issues and governmental policy among the factors, all driving this upheaval. Understanding these factors will inform market participants and help them make buying decisions.

      Join Kyle Holland, Pricing Analyst at Mintec, who will be providing an expert view of these often opaque markets that is easy to digest. Few webinars are available that provide this level of insight into these complex markets, which support food ingredients, health and beauty products and many other essential uses.

      Key takeaways include:

      • Market supply, demand, pricing and production.
      • An understanding of the current market situation.
      • Production, supply and related impacts.
      • How and why prices are at the current levels.
      • How market participants think prices will move in the near future.


      • Coconut Oil (logistical issues also)
      • Palm Oil
      • Palm Kernel Oil
      • Sunflower Oil

      Tropical Oils Webinar Replay July 2021


Topics: Oils & Oilseeds

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