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Ukrainian grain exports 40% higher as the new marketing year commences

August 16, 2019

1 mins read

Ukraine continues to maintain its position as a net exporter of grains. Ukraine has exported around 5.6 million tonnes of grain since the beginning of the 2019/20 marketing year (which runs between July 2019 - June 2020) and 15th August. This represents a growth of 40% more grains exports compared to the same period the previous year, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food.

In total, Ukraine has exported about 2.5 million tonnes of wheat. For wheat flour, Ukraine has exported almost two times more than the previous year, a total of 33,800 tonnes. As per barley and maize, exports have come to a total of 1.4 million tonnes and 1.6 million tonnes respectively.

In 2018/19, Ukraine has reached record levels in exports of maize, a total of 29.5 million tonnes. For wheat, the country has not been able to reach the same levels of record-breaking exports. However, the scenario is forecast to reverse in 2019/20. According to the USDA, Ukraine is projected to export record numbers for both wheat and maize this season, at 19.5 million tonnes and 30 million tonnes respectively. As per the forecast, Ukrainian maize exports are likely to represent 18% of the total global exports in 2019/20.

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Alana Barros
Alana Barros

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