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Spanish cauliflower prices fall in Feb'21 due to storm Filomena

February 22, 2021

1 mins read

The Mintec price for Spanish cauliflower fell by 80% to EUR 0.5/kg between the 6th January and 10th February 2021, in line with easing weather conditions, following storm Filomena.

Spanish cauliflower prices spiked to EUR 2.5/kg on 6th January, with a drastic drop in temperatures and snow (storm Filomena) in key growing regions across Spain, delaying production. Storm Filomena occurred during the second week of January 2021 and is reported to be the worst snowstorm to hit Spain in the last 50 years. The storm impacted the production speed, as well as logistics and transportation.

Cauliflower prices have since fallen, with easing weather conditions and a resumption in harvesting activities. Furthermore, local reports have stated that the damage caused by storm Filomena may not have been as severe as initially expected. Market participants did not project the price fall at the end of January and February to be as swift, with cauliflower being a key export market for the UK, amid Brexit.

Industry experts project the Spanish cauliflower price to be firm during H1 2021, due to the additional costs of Brexit (custom checks, custom agents’ fees, extra transport costs and internal administrative red tape). However, so far, the market has been dictated by more traditional drivers, such as supply and weather. Moreover, Spanish cauliflower prices are at their lowest levels since 2nd December 2020 and, as of 10th February, are 57% lower than the 2020 average of EUR 1.16/kg.

Considering the current fundamentals and low prices, Mintec projects prices to rebound over the next few months.

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Ramnikh Kular
Ramnikh Kular

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