Spanish broccoli price rallies due to concerns over the impact of coronavirus

March 20, 2020

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The Mintec Spain broccoli price increased by 21.82% between 13th February 2020 and 13th March 2020, with large retailers in Spain increasing orders for broccoli due to concerns over the impact of COVID-19.

Broccoli demand from the Madrid region, the Basque country and other areas with high rates of people infected has increased markedly over the last two weeks. The fear of a lockdown has resulted in consumers stockpiling fruit and vegetables. In addition, consumer concerns regarding the inability of online retailers to keep up with the surge in orders has led to further panic buying.

Spain is currently the world’s largest broccoli exporter, with its product intended mostly for the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. The impact of COVID-19, coupled with lower broccoli production due to unfavourable weather conditions in recent months has led to an upward movement in prices across majority of the European broccoli markets.

Mintec Spanish broccoli price is expected to continue to rise in the next few months, in line with higher domestic and European demand. The demand from the Netherlands is expected to rise, following production problems due to rain and issues with blemishes because of the late placement.

Ramnikh Kular

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