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The Knowledge Podcast: Vanilla

March 13, 2020

1 mins read

The pricing intervention by the Malagasy government to force a price floor for Vanilla exports of $350/kg has a widespread impact on the Vanilla industry with discussion about ‘creative accounting’ widespread; Supply continues to be good causing the natural demand/supply balance to grow and prices to decline; Coronavirus may not hit the Vanilla industry as hard as other industries and much more.

In this edition of the Mintec Knowledge Podcast, Marcel Goldenberg, Head of Proprietary Pricing at Mintec, is joined by Michel Manceau, Owner of Demeter, and Jara Zicha, Senior Mark Analyst at Mintec to discuss the current market situation for Vanilla.



You can always reach out to us and join the debate or ask any follow up questions by emailing us at Pricing@Mintecglobal.com.

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