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The Knowledge Podcast: Nuts and Dried Fruit

February 10, 2020

1 mins read

Low Brazil Nut prices could lead to a deforestation of the rainforest; volatile Turkish Lira keeps being a price mover in the Hazelnut market; South Africa is offsetting some of the planting changings in California where fruits are being substituted for nuts and much more.

In this edition of the Mintec Knowledge Podcast, Marcel Goldenberg, Head of Proprietary Pricing at Mintec, is joined by Edward Danon, Director at Voicevale, and Vittorio Friedman, Product Manager at Voicevale to discuss the current market situation for Brazil Nuts, Hazelnuts, Raisins and Sultanas.

The Knowledge - Podcast 01



You can always reach out to us and join the debate or ask any follow up questions by emailing us at Pricing@Mintecglobal.com.


Marcel Goldenberg
Marcel Goldenberg

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