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Cyclone Fani hits Indian prawn farms

May 17, 2019

1 mins read

Cyclone Fani has hit India's north-eastern state of Odysha, with around 10,000 farmers reported to have been affected by it. Indian prawn farms around Puri, Kendrapara and Jagatsinghpur have been the worst affected by the effects of the cyclone, which has washed away most of the farms in the villages. The storm has risen the water lake levels affecting a vast quantity of prawns as the tidal surge breached the embankments.

Although it is not certain the volume of prawns lost in this incident, around 7,000 hectares of fish ponds have been damaged according to preliminary surveys. Anticipations are that the impacts of Fani would be similar to those seen in 2013 when the country was hit by the Phailin cyclone. Mintec prices for whiteleg Indian prawns have been trending down since mid-February, however, the occurrence of Fani is likely to contribute to a surge in price as domestic supply diminishes and global output tightens.

This comes at an unfortunate time as Indian farmers were likely to increase their share of the US market, after additional tariffs of 25% were imposed on imports of Chinese goods. The Indian government has announced a compensation for fish farmers of around Rs 12,200 per hectare in order to support losses in the region.

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Alana Ribeiro
Alana Ribeiro

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