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Video Update: Cocoa Market - 15 September

September 15, 2020

1 mins read

A quick update on current pricing and supply/demand in the cocoa market. Andrew Moriarty, Mintec’s Senior Pricing Analyst, gives a quick update on recent price movements and fundamentals news.

Three key takeaways:

1. Beans have increased from July lows

2. Butter ratios have continued to fall over this time, but powder has increased

3. Potential risks surrounding Cote d'Ivoire presidential election

For any further questions regarding cocoa prices please reach out to the pricing team at pricing@mintecglobal.com or call Andrew Moriarty directly at +44 (0)7776 211272.

Cocoa Video Update 17-07-20-1


Andrew Moriarty
Andrew Moriarty

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