Anticipate and respond to future developments that could have a significant impact on your business

The challenge

While procurement over the past decade has been primarily focused on purchasing, savings, and securing supply, today it holds a much more strategic position. Its role in the future will be determined by a generation of even greater insights about the state of the business.

Procurement masters will exploit the use of a far deeper data-driven approach for effective decision-making that leverages predictive algorithms to limit future uncertainty and enhance procurement performance. Are you prepared for the future?

Our solutions

At Mintec we are leveraging our 30 years’ experience at the intersection of food, business, technology and data analytics to develop algorithms and cognitive engines that can transform our clients’ utilisation of market and operational data.

In doing so, we are successfully supporting the optimisation of supplier relationships and contract negotiations, supply chain sustainability and efficiency.

Ultimately, it’s the promise of big data, but we strive for it to be commonplace within the next five years.