Training for procurement professionals

Training for procurement professionals

Datagain is widely recognised as a highly valuable tool when used to prepare for price negotiations.  Training Logo

As a client we want you to get the most out of Datagain and the data contained within it. We have listened to your feedback and we now have three courses available:

  • Introduction to Datagain
  • Practical uses of Datagain
  • Advanced uses of Datagain

training image 1Of course using Datagain competently is very important, however, there are skills beyond the operation of the software that will help you to take your contract negotiations to another level. These purchasing skills are explored, practiced and discussed in Intelligent Purchasing, our flagship course for professional buyers.

The aim of Intelligent Purchasing is to provide a structured foundation for the effective procurement of goods and services in either a manufacturing, retail or service business. It provides a framework to classify and effectively manage all items of expenditure, identifies supplier behaviours and the techniques by which value can be obtained. It then goes on to showcase the techniques by which an effective procurement strategy can be designed to successfully meet your business objectives.Datagain on laptop

Full details and booking form are available at:

We are pleased to announce that our next public course will be on 24/25 April 2013 near to Heathrow, ideal for UK and international delegates. We offer early booking discounts as well as a 5% discount for Datagain customers.

Are you ready to take the reins of our fictitious company “Brain Foods”?

Please give us a call for more details on +44 (0) 1628 851313 or drop us an e-mail at

John Mardon