Mintec films make their premiere

Mintec films make their premiere

Each year the Daily Telegraph hosts a select series of short films via the Business Club channel on their website. The series of films feature successful companies who have interesting and individual stories to tell, which business leaders can learn from. Mintec were invited to tell their story as a showcase of a forward thinking business.

The first film focuses on Mintec and its ideals. With the help of two of our clients (a leading UK retailer and a global printing ink manufacturer) it explores the company’s business strategy and what differentiates us from the competition; explaining that by concentrating on the core specialism of understanding the commodities market, Mintec has become a uniquely successful business. 

The film produced and directed by TRACC Films is a powerful insight into the world of how data and information can be used, one which we hope clients old and new alike will find interesting and enjoyable.

Click to watch: Turning data into profit >>

The second film poses 5 key questions to these two well-known global brands. In their own voice they explore and detail how Mintec is helping their world class procurement teams understand, utilise and benefit from having access to regular market information. 

Our thanks goes out to all those involved in the production process. We hope you enjoy the films.

Click to watch: Client testimonial film >>

Both films are available to view online now.

James Bennett