New Mintec: Technology Roadmap

A New Mintec to transform procurement solutions
and redefine procurement best practice

  • Mintec is undergoing the biggest transformation in our 30 year history.

    Listening carefully to the latest demands from our clients and having a clearer picture of the likely direction in which procurement is heading (through our people, offerings and professional network), we now have the ability to provide much more than market data.

    Integral to this transformation is our upcoming spectrum of new solutions and our enhanced consultative approach. This involves blending 3 key components: Data, Systems and Expertise to optimise your purchasing spend and minimise your strategic risk.

  • Our transformation means that Mintec are in a position to restructure our offering and the value we provide. We will not simply be migrating you over to a newer version of Datagain. Instead, we will work with you to provide a new business-specific solution, whether that be a dashboard, an API, or a bespoke managed solution from our consultants.

    By the end of 2017 we will ensure all of our Datagain 7 clients have been migrated to a new solution. Each solution will be a tailored blend of: modelling analytics, cost analytics, risk analytics, predictive analytics and supplier analytics.

Our new solutions make integrating highly valued data and insight easier than ever before, allowing you to benefit from impactful strategic decisions.

  • As a replacement to Datagain, the Mintec team have been developing a new web based digital dashboard. 

    Diagrams projecting from tablet isolated on white

  • This easy to use system allows you to view and chart historic price points, as well as use an easy to use formula builder to produce cost models.

    Excel exportability and workspaces for saving documents also makes this a perfect collaborative tool for sharing knowledge, presenting results and negotiating.

    • View relevant news feeds alongside commodity graphs to contextualise price movements.
    • Set price alerts via email or text to react quickly and efficiently to volatile commodities.
    • Identify buyer/supplier price variances with should-cost models using our formula builder.
    • Benchmark buyers’ performance with manual upload of your own data.
    • Export series to Excel.

The dashboard comes as an easily configurable standard system to begin with. Analytic modules will be released regularly throughout 2017 for those wanting more advanced features.

Your business is unique, so our priority is to identify and provide the very best solution that is right for you.

With this in mind we have a comprehensive development plan in place to release a number of exciting
Modular enhancements that will build upon the functionality of the standard system. These will allow you to create a more advanced system, tailored to your specific requirements.

Releases coming in 2017….


Learn more about two of our most innovative, most requested modules

  • Benchmarking

    Our Benchmarking module provides you with the vital ability to take a strategic approach to volatile products and commodities. By drilling down from a product level to raw material level, you can proactively identify the impact of price changes on your organisation.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Our Predictive Analytics pack uses historic price, weather, and fundamental data to forecast prices. This provides you with the sought-after forecasting capability to gain insight into future outcomes of volatile products and ingredients.

Download Analytics Module Descriptions (PDF)

Mintec’s Integration Tools

New tools have been created to ensure our data and our dashboards can be integrated into your existing processes.

  • Diagrams projecting from tablet isolated on white

  • Data Import API
    Data Export API
    Connectors to ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle
    Connectors to common procurement systems

    Download Roadmap PDF Learn more about the first of the Mintec APIs

If you would like to learn more about any of our upcoming plans for 2017 and beyond, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the form or call us on
+44 (0)1628 851313