Cost Model Forecasts
Unlocking Profit Potential Through Precision in Price

Mintec’s Cost Model Forecast empowers businesses to predict how raw material price changes are impacting individual products and affect profitability, and competitiveness.

  • Advanced Forecasting Capabilities Seamlessly project cost models up to 18 months into the future, leveraging advanced core and algorithmic forecasts for precise decision-making.
  • Detailed Price Movement Analysis Visualize historical and future price trends effortlessly, enabling in-depth analysis of cost components and facilitating strategic planning.
  • Comprehensive Model Breakdowns Gain valuable insights into the factors driving cost changes, with detailed breakdowns and indicators for both forecasted and non-forecasted series.


Take charge of your business's profitability and competitiveness with Mintec's powerful Cost Model Forecasts


Discover the power of Cost Model Forecasts - a new feature that calculates total input costs by combining product materials based on usage percentages. With its advanced price forecasting capabilities, it provides valuable insights into how material price fluctuations can impact future product costs. Harness this tool to make informed decisions, reduce costs, and drive improved profitability in dynamic markets.