• The globalisation of trade means procurement has become increasingly specialised, requiring additional time and greater knowledge.

    Once Mintec’s systems and expertise are embedded into your business, you will be able to focus on core activities saving valuable resources with access to the latest market information.


Implementation provides the acid test for the relevance and feasibility of the proposals developed, and we’ll all see the carefully considered recommendations turning into reality.

To support your investment, we’ll create and supply appropriate user guides and online support resources, so you are clear on how best to exploit the insight that we deliver.

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Our technical team will work closely with your IT department to ensure that any integration issues are handled smoothly.

  • This may take the form of a tailored report, some cost modelling, a bespoke server on site or a remote, web-based dashboard.

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  • Supporting innovative, independent thinking…

    ….delivering intelligent, informed business options


    Using extensive, specialist knowledge, they’ll provide you with tailored recommendations and solution options – adding strategic value and ensuring informed raw material decisions.

Our business is in supplying you with insight that you can rely on to give your business a competitive edge

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