• Our purpose is to deliver the insight that makes your purchasing an procurement processes as effective as possible

    Through long term partnerships with our clients, both large and small, we provide tailored and expert support, along-side our innovative technology to make real sense of, and extract instant value from, the vast ‘universe of data’ that is available to today’s business professionals.


Listening is key to getting the to the heart of your requirements

Once we understand your objectives and the issues you are looking to solve, we will devise a solution for success

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Clients achieve the greatest success, when our consultants are able to spend time understanding the business, in order to reveal opportunities and risks.

  • Fully appreciate your priorities
  • Gain concise expert advice
  • Workshops can help to find the true value of data
  • Audit of procurement processes, can help to identify risks and critical issues
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  • Beverley Fletcher, Head of Consulting

    As Head of Consulting, Beverley works directly with Mintec clients to understand their strategic requirements. Through consultation using Mintec’s data and insight, Beverley develops custom solutions to  improve profitability, competitive advantage and operational efficiency.

    Beverley can be contacted at beverley.fletcher@mintecglobal.com

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  • Understand, how in partnership with Mintec, Brakes were able to realise huge savings on their annual procurement spend

    With a proven ability to understand your unique procurement processes, Mintec can support you in achieving your business objectives, as well as helping you to source raw materials at the very best price and identify cost saving opportunities in your finished products. Ultimately, we aim to contribute to the very best experience for the clientele you aim to serve.

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