Introducing Mintec’s Consultancy Approach

  • Our innovative solutions and vast expertise in raw material price tracking and market intelligence can support your organisation in making informed procurement decisions.

    Established at the dawn of the information age, Mintec is an independent business of over 30 years and has built a team of bright, professional individuals who share our inquisitive nature and passion to deliver excellence in our field.

  • We work in partnership with sales, purchasing and supply chain professionals, primarily in the retail, manufacturing and food service sectors.

    By delivering unique and valuable insight into worldwide raw materials and commodity markets, using innovative technology and an experienced team of specialists, we support the world’s most prestigious brands to achieve their business objectives.

Are you unlocking the power of data?

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    Learn more about our services which can be tailored to your specific business needs  and how we’ll support you  in making informed, effective procurement decisions.

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  • Our agile, consultancy-based approach means we don’t begin with any preconceived ideas or answers.

    Our methodology brings to bear tried and tested approaches and skills, as well as our considerable know-how. By adapting this to specifically suit your business, we ensure a positive and useful outcome. It’s why many of our clients have been with us for so long.

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Our proven methodology for turning our data into your profit


  • 1EVALUATE triangle

  • Listening is key to getting right to the heart of your requirements.  Learn more >>

    • Understand


    • Reveal


    • Audit



  • At this phase of our partnership we will consider the most appropriate solutions from our wide-ranging product and knowledge offerings.  Learn more >>

    • Research


    • Scope


    • Propose


  • 2DESIGN triangle


  • 3BUILD triangle

  • This part of our process is crucial to ensure that you maximise your return on investment.  Find out more >>

    • Specify


    • Manage


    • Create



  • Implementation provides the acid test for the relevance and feasibility of the proposals developed.  Learn more >>

    • Deliver


    • Train


    • Document


  • 4IMPLEMENT triangle


  • 5EVOLVE triangle

  • Our commitment is to turn our data into your profit, so we’ll be keen to understand how well this is working. Find out more >>

    • Measure


    • Review


    • Roadmap


  • Accreditation – Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS)

    Having the credibility and recognition that our work is truly independent is vital to our success. Being seen as a data firm that can be relied upon to take a neutral stance and provide pragmatic opinion and detailed understanding is one of our strongest attributes.

    As a hugely influential and globally renowned body, the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) is dedicated to promoting and developing high standards of professional skill, ability and integrity among all those engaged in procurement. Mintec is proud to be a strategic partner with CIPS and the sole knowledge provider for raw materials and commodities.

  • High-quality, robust and honest data is critical to the effectiveness of good procurement practice and for anyone working at any level in business. Understanding the risks attached to commodities and raw materials can influence forecasting in business and the strength of supply chains in coming months and years as key to securing essential supplies.
    I’m pleased that we have such a high-profile partner on board to strengthen our knowledge and support for our members.”

    David NobleGlobal CEO, CIPS

Our confidence in our ability to deliver value is demonstrated by our willingness to guarantee results – plain and simple.