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Mintec Analytics

Food Manufacturer

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Supercharge your food price negotiations

For food manufacturers and distributors, achieving effective cost management by driving efficiencies is essential, especially when managing a large and complex product portfolio.


Companies need to be mindful of the market conditions, whilst conscious of customers’ expectations.


Access to Mintec data gives them the evidence to support price changes, taking the emotion out of supplier negotiations. Making them factual and a more realistic conversation with suppliers.


With Mintec Analytics food manufacturers and distributors can:


  • •  See how food prices move over time and gauge the true level of food price change

    • •  Independently verify supplier prices, so as to evidence prices to customers
  • •  Identify what’s behind food raw material prices & driving     current commodity market trends
  • •  Use actionable Insight to negotiate the best price for food products and raw materials




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Food Manufacturer Use Case