Datagain is a sophisticated tool which offers up-to-date and reliable pricing data across a vast range of global commodities and local markets.

Mintec’s Datagain system is the accepted negotiating standard for supply chain professionals working with commodities and raw materials.

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With a frequent flow of global market information and regularly updated graphs, using over 18,000 data series, Datagain offers an invaluable and essential resource for understanding the current market place – saving you money in price negotiations and realising commercial opportunities.

Available in a variety of formats, from online delivery to site installations, Datagain can be tailored to suit your specific requirements, no matter your company size or global outlook.

Our consultative approach and subscription based services are all designed to deliver the insight you need to make the best business decisions.

Our aim is to help you turn data into profit.

Market analysis

Datagain’s powerful analytical tools enable users to track the factors affecting the costs and availability of all the constituents of a specific product. Over 30 years of recorded data is available, enabling you to analyse the trends in price movements and to make informed decisions on the timing and extent of purchasing contracts.


In addition to supporting day-to-day negotiations, Datagain’s clear, distinctive graphing system provides the basis for informed communication both within organisations and amongst supply chain partners. Information can be readily exported from the system in both graphical and numerical formats, ideal for presentations, internal reports, budget preparation and external price negotiations.

Cost modelling and benchmarking

Sophisticated modelling tools within Datagain can produce graphs that represent the many diverse cost elements relating to complex manufactured products. Modelling can be used to evaluate potential savings that might be made by switching to alternative product specifications and packaging options. This information can then be directly benchmarked against your purchasing prices.

Risk management

Price risk is an intrinsic part of the supply chain. Datagain highlights the latest movements and provides insight into current trends in physical costs, futures markets, currency movements, climate, energy and transportation. With feed stocks information and precursors such as crude oil and gas, together with competing markets, recycled products and alternative commodities, Datagain provides you with all the options needed for complete price risk analysis.

Client Services and Training

With multi-user access, the Datagain system is easy to learn, straightforward and logical to use.

We have a dedicated support team in place to answer any technical or market related questions.

Our experienced training team are also on hand to ensure you use our expert market intelligence and Datagain system to your best advantage. We hold regular web-based and face to face training courses throughout the year.

Mintec’s Client Services Team have extended their hours of operation and will now be available Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm (UK time).

Working in partnership

We work closely with our subscribers to ensure that you understand the data and the intricacies behind the market. We frequently source new data and will be happy to discuss any specific information or analysis requirements you have for your business.