“Mintec saves us time & helps us increase internal efficiencies”



“Mintec saves us time & helps us increase internal efficiencies”





Associated British Foods is a leading multinational food processing and retailing company. It is the world's second-largest producer of both sugar and baker's yeast - and a major producer of other ingredients including emulsifiers, enzymes and lactose.

The Challenge


Given ABF's breadth of products and geographically spread operations, understanding and mitigating risk across the entire supply chain is crucial for ABF. Ensuring their procurement teams have visibility on raw material pricing and cost drivers is fundamental to their cost-planning strategy, particularly given that suppliers often provide their own prices and costs, making it difficult for ABF to benchmark.

The Solution


ABF’s procurement team are able to easily benchmark pricing using Mintec’s independent price data, making supplier conversations more collaborative and cost considerations more transparent. Monitoring price changes continues long after the negotiation process - tracking and evidencing price changes across a spectrum of product lines and categories is simplified thanks to Mintec's price alerts and Outlook reports. 

The Benefits


With added insight and access to trusted and independent raw material pricing, ABF have been able to strengthen their negotiating capabilities with key suppliers, saving them significant time and increasing internal efficiencies. In addition to strengthened negotiations, ABF are able to better plan and mitigate risk across the multitude of product lines and sectors, using Mintec’s Cost Modelling tool and Price Change Reports.




It’s really convenient to see the price changes - and monitor the moving averages over time. 


Mintec Analytics

The spend intelligence you need, about the food products you buy, all in one place.


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