Category Outlook Report: Coffee and Tea


Category Outlook Report: Coffee and Tea

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With this softs report you effectively receive two reports in one. Split into 2 sections, each covering the different commodity, analysing major coffee and tea producing and exporting regions fundamentals plus key market drivers. The report also includes a 6-month global price forecast for Arabica, Robusta and for 3 tea regions.

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Key Categories

In this month’s report, we focus upon:

  • Coffee
  • Tea

Product Description

When reviewing supplier contracts, or establishing new relationships, our Category Outlook Reports are an invaluable tool to support you in monitoring your most important and strategic markets.

Focusing on a specific market, each report is released twice a year, timed to seasonal negotiations to maximise their value and impact.

The report includes an in-depth analysis of the factors that could affect market prices, with an insightful opinion on future market movements.

Current and historical pricing is considered, alongside global and regional demand and supply, production processes, transportation, feedstocks, trade fundamentals and national and international policy developments.

Who are they for?

Designed to support anyone involved in supplier reviews and the negotiation process.


Last Published: Dec 2016

Next release due: Jun 2017

Each Category Outlook Report is published at a point that best fits with seasonal negotiations. Each report is released twice a year (circa six months apart). Future report releases on this topic will be available to purchase via this e-store or via an annual subscription.

If you would like more information about purchasing multiple reports or are interested in an annual subscription, please email

Report Benefits

  • Negotiate from a position of understanding
  • Supports you in planning strategies with independent, trustworthy market intelligence Save time and internal resources with access to a huge variety of commodities in one report
  • Respond smarter to seasonal negotiations