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Mintec publish new fish & seafood price series

Posted by minteclimited on Jun 19, 2020 2:32:34 PM

Since the beginning of the year, businesses from the food sector have been impacted by unexpected volatility in commodity markets. While the effects have varied, the fish and seafood sector have seen fall in the price of a range of products as evidenced in Mintec's Fish and Seafood Index. Where price falls have rivaled those of oil.

To enable buyers to identify where specific price changes are occurring, Mintec has released a range of new price series all available through Mintec Analytics


Global Fish & Seafood Indices

fish prices index-1



Commodity Code Fish & Seafood Commodity Name
MB68 Clam preserved (CN) imp US
MB67 Clam canned (CN) imp US
MB66 Snapper fzn (BR) imp US
MB65 Snapper (BR) imp US
MB64 Snapper fzn (NI) imp US
MB63 Snapper (NI) imp US
MB62 Snapper fzn (MX) imp US
MB61 Snapper (MX) imp US
MB60 Swordfish (EC) imp US
MB59 Swordfish fillet fzn (EC) imp US
MB56 Perch Atlantic (CA) imp US
MB55 Perch Atlantic fzn (CA) imp US
MB54 Perch Atlantic fill (CA) imp US
MB49 Octopus preserved (ES) imp US
MB48 Clam preserved (VN) imp US
MB47 Clam canned (VN) imp US
MB46 Sardine can no oil (MA) imp US
MB45 Sardine can b'less (MA) imp US
MB44 Sardine canned (MA) imp US
MB43 Mackerel smoked (CA) imp US
MB41 Mackerel 6.8kg (CA) imp US
MB40 Mackerel salted (CA) imp US
MB39 Mackerel fzn (CA) imp US
MB38 Oysters (CA) imp US
MB37 Oysters farmed (CA) imp US
MB32 Herring fill smoked (CA) imp US
MB31 Herring preserved (CA) imp US
MB30 Herring fill pickled (CA) imp US
MB29 Herring pickled (CA) imp US
MB28 Herring kippered (CA) imp US
MB27 Herring fzn (CA) imp US
MB26 Trout fillet fzn (CL) imp US
MB25 Trout fillet (CL) imp US
MB24 Prawn warmw 15 fzn (IN) imp US
MB23 Prawn warm 51
MB22 Prawn warm 41
MB21 Prawn warm 31
MB20 Prawn warm 26
MB19 Prawn warm 21
MB18 Prawn warm 15
MB17 Prawn warmw fzn (IN) imp US
MB16 Prawn fzn (IN) imp US
MB15 Prawn canned (IN) imp US
MB10 Crabmeat Swim fzn (ID) imp US
MB09 Crabmeat Swimming (ID) imp US
MB08 Crabmeat ATC (ID) imp US
MB07 Crabmeat Swimming (CN) imp US
MB06 Crabmeat ATC (CN) imp US
MB05 Crab fzn (CN) imp US
MB04 Cod fillet fresh (CA) imp US
MB03 Cod fillet dried (CA) imp US
MB02 Cod dried (CA) imp US
MB01 Cod Atlantic fresh (CA) imp US



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