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Mintec IS is a complete solution which combines all of our services

Mintec IS

Mintec IS is an advanced delivery package that integrates all of our core services using technology that provides an on-screen interface similar to that of the web. Mintec IS is designed specifically for large organisations with users located across a number of sites.

Any services you specify are hosted on an external server, accessible from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night. Installation is off-site, so no compliance or security issues arise.

Mintec’s Integrated Solution eliminates the need to install Datagain on users’ computers. We take responsibility for automatically updating all the records you have selected, so users throughout your organisation can be sure they are always seeing the latest information.

Mintec’s Integrated Solution is a fully bespoke service enabling our full product range to be used seamlessly as interactive functions within each client’s business systems and, where appropriate, can even be branded to fit with the client’s corporate style.

Each client can view copies of any Mintec Reports that they subscribe to including Mintec Factsheets and Mintec Commodity Reports, together with Newsletters and the monthly Market Reports. In addition, access to the Mintec Monitoring service can also be gained through the online system. To find out more about our monitoring service please click here.